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13 settembre 2009

Coming Soon: Esiste un modo per testare se _Spinosaurus_ esiste?

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus by Lukas Panzarin

Non sono pazzo. Per comprendere di cosa sto parlando, vi rimando a questo precedente post. Abbiate pazienza, e tutto sarà rivelato...

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  1. Has any dorsal vertebral material been referred to _Carcharodontosaurus_ as of yet? Interestingly, though certainly not to the extent of the vertebrae assigned to _Spinosaurus_, _Mapusaurus_ also exhibits hypertrophied neural spines (neural spine height makes up 2/3 of the vertebrae's total height). When you combine that with _Acrocanthosaurus_ (though I know its placement in the Carcharodontosauridae is debated), I'm very curious to see what future discoveries show.

    Look forward to the post!

  2. Ok, I was waiting for this post all my life! I'm praying God (or anyone with superpowers) that something new has been found on the cranium and postcranium of Spinosaurus. I hope this will be the subject of this post. Otherwise, I'll already be happy to find out a new reconstruction of Spinosaurus I haven't got yet.

  3. I'm just wondering if we will get two theropods in one out of it. It would be interesting if a huge Carcharodontosaur closer to Acrocanthosaurus was roaming around Africa. I might be getting into the realms of fantasy a bit too much, not to mention ahead of myself.


    Paul W.


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