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18 marzo 2011

Coming Soon: _Pamparaptor_

Non ho dimenticato Oxalaia.
Prossimamente, su Theropoda...

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  1. according to felipe elias the Laje do Coringa´s fossil assemblage includes many spinosaurid remains (some of them we know now belonged to Oxalaia, as well another large spinosaurid morphotype unidentified); huge carcharodontosaurid teeth; many small to medium sized dromaeosaurines and velociraptorines teeth; some fragments of Bahariasaurus and Sigilmassasaurus-like theropods; dozens of sauropod vertebrae and teeth (probably from rebbachisaurids, andesaurids and saltasaurines titanosaurs, and brachiosaurids); pterosaurs remains (anhanguerids and ornithocheiroids); Sarcosuchus-like and notosuchian crocs, as well many fossil sharks, sawfishes, coelacanthids and bonefishes.



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