06 novembre 2012

Sauroniops su National Geographic!

Vi segnalo la mia intervista sul sito dell'edizione USA di National Geographic relativa a Sauroniops!

Aggiornamento del 07 novembre 2012

Edizione italiana dello stesso articolo linkato sopra.

Sauroniops trova spazio anche in altri siti di informazione: [1], [2], [3], [4].

5 commenti:

  1. And again, a comparision with T. rex...

    1. It was among the questions of the interview.

    2. Well, it is not a critique on you, but of the stereotype that the media is always asking for T. rex. But it is nice to see that they were content that no excact measument could be given.
      Also, did you get my E-mail about ?theropod? integument preserved in a Triassic imprint? I do not know if I got the right address, or if you saw it as spam/ being bothered.

    3. Yes, in the interview I stated that the exact size of Sauroniops is unknown beyond a rough estimate.

      I did not receive any email from you.

    4. Well, I would have wondered if you had stated anything else.

      I tried to send it to you again, if you do not get it, I may try sending it from another E-mail account.

      Best Regards